Best outdoor canine pictures (week 3)

here are the best outdoor canine photos you submitted for week three. If you haven’t had a chance to submit any photos yet, you still have one much more week. send your outdoor canine photos to, and I will publish them next Sunday.

These are some really great photos! Jsem ohromen! It’s fun to see all different kinds of dogs outside having a great time. thank you to everyone who has participated in the contest so far.

Take a look at the photos:

Pruett the German shepherd

Pruett (6 months) is owned by Christina Solomon. They live in Durham, N.C. Pruett and his sister Daphne have their own blog, GSD Adventures.

Dutch the mutt

Patti Struchynski of Fargo considers Dutch (eight) to be obsessed with tennis balls. When she first got him he would lie with the ball between his front paws and continuously lick it for hours if she didn’t stop him. His prior home probably left him alone with a tennis ball to keep him occupied.

Munchy the yorkie

Munchy was going to be put down but was adopted by Kim Novash of Quebec, Canada. Kim said Munchy has a lot of courage for such a small body and thinks like a big dog. check out the pet site Kim contributes to.

Ruby the border collie mix

Ms. Ruby One White Paw spends many of the day pretending to be a cat. She sleeps in a cat-like ball and catches mice. She lives in San Jose, Calif., with her owner B. Bum.

Fresca the English setter

Fresca (11 months) was adopted by Stephanie Lightner from a Minnesota humane society. They live in Minneapolis. Fresca has her own blog.

Ben the golden retriever

Ben (10) was adopted by Kim Novash from a golden rescue in June 2008. They live in Quebec, Canada.

Samantha the golden retriever

Samantha lives in California with her owner Miche Evans. The photo was taken at Tahoe X-Country Ski Area. visit Samantha’s blog.

Jake the golden retriever mix

Jake (eight) lives in Fargo with his owner Patti Struchynski. You can’t see the ducks in this picture, but Jake is intensely viewing them. Patti took this photo at a campsite in northwest Wisconsin in 2003.

Gus the bloodhound

This city boy, Gus (4), is owned by Apryl DeLancey. Apryl writes the blog women like Sports. She and Gus live in Los Angeles.

Bruno the greyhound mix

Bruno (8 months) lives with Shane Tommerdahl in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Bruno likes to have his picture taken!

Stewie the Jack Russell terrier

Stewie (6) and his owner Nancy Hoffman write about agility on their blog.

Biggie the kuvasz

Biggie (21 months) lives in new York City with Ona Wang. check out their blog Biggie Z.

Marty the Labrador

Marty (2) lives in Fargo with his owner Kari. In this photo, Marty is exploring the aftermath of a recent blizzard. notice the snow is over the 4-foot-high fence. Marty has his own blog, Hip Pup.

Ruby the American pit bull terrier

Ruby (4 months) lives in the Fargo-Moorhead area with her owner Shane Tommerdahl and her brother Bruno.

Spencer Tracy the border collie and Pepper the mutt

Pepper (5) is a Scottie mix. She is owned by Bonnie Story. In this photo, Pepper is negotiating with her friend in Glen Ellen, Calif. Pepper has her own blog, SonomaDoggyBloggy.

Daphne the German shepherd

Daphne (six months) and her brother Pruett live in Durham, N.C., with Christina Solomon.

Chicken the golden mix

Chicken (13) lives in Quebec, Canada, with her owner Kim Novash. chicken plays like a 2-year-old and has gone camping in the mountains all her life.

Layla the Sheltie

Layla (6 months) is owned by Marie Lister of Utah who maintains the blog Resq Tails.

Penny the mutt

Marie also owns penny (11). Besides penny and Layla, Marie has four other Shelties and one other mixed breed.

Moose the mutt

Moose is a mixed breed owned by Matt Shehan. They live in Yulee, Fla.

If you would like to submit your outdoor canine photos for next week, send them to

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